From Self-Doubt to Book Deal: How My Journey to Authorship Can Inspire Yours

Hello there, welcome back to my blog! My aim with this blog is to motivate and inspire you to write your book. If fear, confidence issues, or uncertainty is holding you back from penning your first book, I believe this blog, along with the attached podcast interview, will motivate you to take that initial step.

Back in 2022, Sahara Rose interviewed me on her podcast, The Highest Self Podcast. She expressed her admiration for my work. This episode quickly climbed the rankings on Spotify and Apple. Sahara became so intrigued by our discussions that she opted to become my client. While most of our sessions were held over Zoom, I was thrilled to learn she'd be visiting LA, where I was residing. When she arrived at my gym, we discussed muscle imbalances and the interconnection between muscles, nearby organs/glands, emotions, and the subconscious. She was amazed by the insights I offered and my passion for the subject.

Throughout our collaboration, I provided her with numerous references to deepen her understanding of the mind, body, and emotions nexus. By the end of our session, she looked at me and remarked, “Nate, you need to write a book.” A bit stunned, I replied, “Yes, I've thought about it for the future.” She shot back, “No, you need to write it now. You have so much wisdom to share. The unique way you bridge the mind, body, and emotions is something many need to learn from. Your book could be transformative for so many.” Almost instantly, imposter syndrome crept in. Memories of my younger self, the child who struggled with reading and writing and who would avoid reading out loud in class, came flooding back.

Sahara then went on to detail the process of book-writing. She talked about crafting a proposal, seeking an agent, meeting with traditional publishers, and securing a deal. Even though my mind was racing with self-doubt, her words were inspiring, especially coming from a best-selling author. I thought, "If she believes in me, perhaps I can write a book."

Our brainstorming spanned almost four hours! We even began sketching out a table of contents, book title, and core concepts using my gym's smartboard. Honestly, I felt way out of my depth. My fiancée picked up on my unease and reassured me, “Why the doubt? If there's anyone who can pull this off, it’s you!”

After our intensive planning session, Sahara had to depart. I was profoundly grateful for her guidance and her unwavering belief in my potential as an author. The discussion with my fiancée continued, with part of me excited about the possibility of authorship and the other part drowning in self-doubt. Thoughts such as "Am I good enough?", "How do I even start?" and "Can I really get an agent?" tormented me.

Sahara, later that day, shared an email outlining how to craft a book proposal, encouraging me to begin and to reach out whenever I needed guidance. Her persistence gave me a glimmer of hope. However, when I stared at the proposal template, doubts resurfaced. I envisioned an easier path - perhaps narrating my story for a ghostwriter from the comfort of a couch. But Sahara's words echoed, “It needs to be in your VOICE.”

The next morning, I received a voice note from Sahara. She went on to explain how much she believed in me writing my book, and she believed it was going to help thousands of people. She told me that she had a gift for me. She bought ten sessions with an editor/ writing coach for me to get started with making the book proposal. HA! I woke up that morning believing I would not go on with writing this book, and now this is a “real” thing!
She then sent an email to Jeanne, with me attached, saying:

“Hello! I'm excited to connect you for your incredible writing experience together! Nate has a powerful story and message that will shift lives…”

Jeanne and I exchanged emails, planning our first meeting the following week. On the Day of our first meeting, I was panicking the entire morning. “ What if she notices I am dyslexic? What if she notices I suck at spelling and forming complete sentences? Then, it was time, time to press the “join” button on Zoom. I sat there, ready for judgment, just like when I was when I was younger in English class. But I was completely wrong. The meeting started, and Jeanne was so soft, genuine, and caring. She didnt care about spelling, grammar, or being a great writer. She cared about me getting my thoughts down on paper without overthinking and being too hard on myself.

She explained to me how we would do the entire proposal together. She made it fun. One of my homework assignments was to go to Barnes And Noble to “Find my book.” She wanted me to imagine where my book would be placed. Imagine who is buying that book. She bought my artistic side out with writing. She gave me writing exercises that opened my imagination. We completed the first draft of the proposal. She went on to do her editorial work with it and send back some revisions, where I went on to complete the final draft.

I was completely wrong about writing, I always thought it was something that was “too hard for me.” Jeanne showed me that writing is art and taught me how to get my art on paper into writing form. After the proposal, it was time to pitch agents. Sahara was so excited about the proposal being finished she immediately knew of an agent she thought would be a great fit, She sent an introduction email with me to what would end up being my agent, Coleen.

I sent a pitch email with my proposal to Coleen, with a hopeful heart and bated breath. Waiting for her response was excruciating. Each passing day was filled with a mix of hope and apprehension.

One morning, a notification pinged on my phone. It was an email from Coleen. She had read my proposal and was deeply moved by the approach and insights I presented. Her words were encouraging, “Your blend of holistic wellness and emotional healing is refreshing. I would be honored to represent you and help bring your vision to life.”

With Coleen by my side, we approached several publishing houses. The journey wasn’t smooth. Some believed the market was oversaturated with wellness books, while others felt my story lacked the mainstream appeal. Despite the setbacks, Coleen's faith in my work never wavered. “The right publisher will see the value in your work,” she’d often say.

And she was right. After many meetings and pitches, we finally received a positive response from BenBella Books. Their representative, Leah, mirrored Coleen’s enthusiasm. “Your story, the way you've interwoven the complexities of the human mind, body, and spirit, is truly captivating. We believe in your vision and feel this book will inspire many.”

As I pen this blog, I am in the process of finalizing the chapters of my book. The journey from doubt to belief, from idea to paper, has been transformative. I share this with you to emphasize that even in the face of uncertainty and imposter syndrome, with the right support and belief in oneself, anything is possible. My hope is that my journey inspires you to overcome your own obstacles and bring your unique voice to the world.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for more updates on my book. And remember, your story matters. Don't let fear hold you back.

Talk soon,


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