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Nate Ortiz's unique approach to helping his clients heal combines life coaching, nutritional counseling, strength training, conditioning, and compassion. But his secret for helping them heal for good gets at the root of his client’s problems and completely rewires their mind.

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Understanding Your Sensitive Nervous System

Trauma, including childhood trauma and PTSD, leads to higher serum cortisol levels than those found in individuals without such experiences. Why is this an issue? Click read more to find out! 

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The Journey Of The 1%Er

A One Percenter is an individual on a mission to transcend generational trauma and poverty, often standing as the first in their family to achieve unprecedented milestones or aspiring to be that trailblazer.

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The No B.S Guide To Healing Digestion

Learn the exact steps I take to help clients overcome their digestive issues! 

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"Nate's journey is an incredible inspiration to many, and his ability to synthesize complex but important medical and health information into practical, bite-sized, applicable action items anyone can use to create health and vitality makes him the Health Prophet countless people have been waiting for!"

- Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner; Founder, Chek Institute