Things can be worse


I hope your weekend was less eventful than mine. I was thrown off my rhythm not once but twice. Today, I'll share the first curveball life threw at me, and brace yourself, there's another story for tomorrow!

Sunday is my powerhouse day: cappuccino in hand, uplifting music, and a clear plan for the day. Usually, it's book writing, a 2-hour TikTok presentation, a workout, and then gearing up for the week's content. But this past Sunday was... different.

There I was, deep in my writing zone, with Ludovico Einaudi's peaceful music in the background. Out of nowhere, my fiancée bursts in, "The Stink Pipe Burst!" I raced to the kitchen and... chaos. Water everywhere. Trying to stem the flow, I shouted instructions – "Call my brother! Get Rich from next door!"

Both of us were in full-blown panic mode. It was intense. I felt overwhelmed, but I knew I had to act. Closing my eyes, I told myself, "Stay calm. Find a solution." Thanks to my brother's quick thinking via FaceTime and my fiancée's swift actions, we managed to limit the disaster. But not without some casualties - my hand got pretty banged up in the process.

Fast-forward through mopping up, drying the place, and fixing the pipes, my entire day shifted. With my ADHD, such unexpected changes are extra challenging. However, here's what I took from this ordeal:

  1. React, don't panic. No matter how overwhelming, focus on the solution, not the problem.
  2. Perspective matters. Imagine if this happened while we were out? Our entire house would've been waterlogged!
  3. Find your calm center. Before reacting, pause. It can change everything.

Post-chaos, I got some calls. Some say I'm jinxed, others that I have a streak of bad luck. But I see it differently. Life has its rough patches, but they teach us, and make us resilient. We grow through what we go through.

Hang tight for tomorrow's blog – a rather unexpected encounter on a Saturday evening.

Till then, embrace life's quirks, take them in stride, and always remember: It's a GREAT day to be you!


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