The Night Silence Spoke Louder Than Words

Before the chaos of my Sunday (as I told you in the last blog), I had a challenging encounter on Saturday.

After taking my fiancée to dinner, we decided to grab some frozen yogurt. Who doesn't love fro-yo? As we walked to the store, my street instincts kicked in. I noticed a man adjusting his path to intersect with ours. His body language and intense eye contact told me he was looking for trouble.

Soon, he began yelling threats at me, including the phrase “throw them up,” which is a challenge to fight. He placed his bag down, adjusted his pants, and raised his fists.

Adrenaline rushed through me. I positioned myself defensively and opened the door for my fiancée, Haskiri, ensuring she could get into the store safely.

The situation was strange. I’ve encountered men like him in the “hood,” but it was unexpected in this suburban setting. He claimed I’d entered "his hood" and was acting tough. But from my experiences, I could tell this wasn’t his territory. I've grown up around various characters, and I could recognize the traits of someone who's likely been in and out of jail. Tattoos and his body language confirmed my suspicions.

What also struck me as odd was him being alone. Typically, individuals with his demeanor are in groups, especially in unfamiliar places like the suburbs.

Throughout his aggressive rants, I remained silent. I knew he was trying to provoke a reaction, so I didn’t give him one. If he truly wanted a confrontation, he'd wait outside. As we were inside the store, I planned for the worst-case scenario: him pulling out a weapon. My heart raced, and I could feel its every beat.

Peeking outside, I saw him trying to look in, searching for me. We locked eyes once more. It was a tense few moments until he looked away and started to leave.

Exiting the store, I was on guard, but he was already walking off. We walked to our car and headed home.

Reflecting on the Power of Silence:

Think back to a time when you encountered someone who talked incessantly, dominating conversations or situations. Now, contrast that with moments of silence or when fewer words were spoken. Did you sense a difference in strength and confidence between the two? Reflect on the idea that sometimes, "less is more." In your own experiences, have you found that there's power and strength in silence? How can embracing silence serve as an asset in your interactions?

This reminds me of one of my favorite Jay-z Lyrics, "Jay-Z — 'You know the type: loud as a motorbike but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight" 

Remember, whether you're facing a random altercation or any of life's myriad challenges, being authentic, grounded, and true to yourself is your greatest asset. After all, it's a GREAT day being you.

Talk soon, 


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