Heal Your Root Chakra with 3 Simple Techniques

Do you feel like you are stuck in survival mode? Are you always stressed and worn down? Is it hard for you to relax without worry? Are you always tired? Does it always seem you never have time to work on yourself or do what YOU want to do? Anytime you look at your bank account, you wonder where did your money go? If this sounds like you, it's important to listen to this episode.

We will review how to balance our root chakra and overcome fear, stress, and disorganization, using the 5 layers of energy to ensure we have full control of our healing. I will bring you through how this state of mind and problems developed, how it shows up today, and the steps 3 MAIN steps to take today to heal fully. We will break down how the root chakra is affected through all 5 layers of energy, with the subconscious being the first. 

Subconscious: In order for us to balance our root chakra, we must understand how dysfunctions with the root chakra can start with our childhood. The first step is to learn why you are in the state of survival mode and become aware of it. This will help you get clear on how to heal. We have to learn more about the state of mind and body your mother was in when she was pregnant. Was she worried, stressed, or tired, or was she happy, relaxed, and nourishing? If your mother was in a state of nourishment, you will experience a safe and warm place as your first real HOME. But, if your mother was stressed, tired, worried, or even on drugs/ or drinking, your first home is unsafe.

Did you have to move a lot as a child? Were you bullied as a child? Or did your parents have issues with money? These are some of the common problems I see with clients. If your experience is mixed with fear and worry, you develop a subconscious mind with fear and anxiety when it comes to safety and security. Your subconscious mind is where all your beliefs, paradigms, and habits reside. Meaning it will show up today when it comes to money, safety for self, family, and property, and imbalances with tribe ( family and friends). If you can relate to anything I mentioned so far, start to have empathy for yourself. Your stress and worry were something you developed at a young age due to not having safety and security. The first step to healing is becoming AWARE.

The nervous system, Adrenal Glands, and E-motions: People who are too stressed or that have trauma have very sensitive nervous systems. I believe this is the MOST important layer of energy when it comes to creating a balance with your root chakra. A person who is too stressed or has trauma will be more dominant with their sympathetic nervous system, also known as the fight or flight system. Trauma can keep one subconsciously stressed, and stress communicates with the nervous system to produce cortisol and adrenaline, both stimulating the body into fight or flight. Cortisol and adrenaline are both produced by the adrenal glands.

This state of being brings us into the survival consciousness. High adrenaline levels are known to cause a numbing effect on the body. I often find clients with high-stress levels never notice their back pain, depressed mood, or bad financial spending habits. Neuroscientist Paul MacLean showed that our brains are made up of three brains: The reptilian brain, the emotional brain, and the neocortex (intellectual part of the brain)

The Reptilian brain feeds, fights, fleeing, and reproduces. Notable behavior patterns include defense of self, family, and personal property, physical communication, socially approved actions, and spending money that we don't have on cars, designer clothes, and other materialistic things.

Since Fight or flight increases survival instincts, we can find ourselves stressing about money, bills, and being safe. During this state, our psychic energy is routed to survival, and little is available for anything else. When our survival is threatened by things like our job laying people off, bills increasing, and betrayal from a lover, family member, or friend, this elevates the stress hormones even higher, leaving the mind and body hyperstimulated and ready to fight or flight. This disconnects us from our bodies, making us numb to our feelings, thoughts, and pain. The more numb we become, the more compulsive we become.

We will try our best to find a connection with ourselves again. This can lead us to a “quick fix” where we buy weight loss programs, supplements and hire therapists and coaches to fix us. If we are looking for social connection, we can find ourselves buying those materialistic things to have social status. The more disconnected you are from your body, the more money you will compulsively spend, leading you to energy debt. Remember, stress needs energy, and the more stress you have, the more energy debt you create.

The higher the energy debt, the more likely you will struggle with addictions to help escape or numb yourself with food, drugs, or compulsive activities. The more stress and energy debt we have, the more we work from a survival impulse. This drives our reptilian brain to look for safety and security. When we have our safety met, which is usually finishing work, we then subconsciously go to the next stage of the reptilian brain, which is feeding. Since this person has energy debt, they don't make the best choices regarding eating. Instead of having the energy to cook a healthy meal, they end up eating unhealthy food and snacks, leaving them hungry and tired and increasing their chances of overeating. As you can see, you can’t heal from this with the mind alone. We need to heal the mind, body, and emotions holistically.

Muscles: Your legs and feet are going to be the muscles and sections of the body that will bring you problems like tightness, cramps, and injury. Your root charka represents rooting yourself into the earth. Your feet and legs are what root you. The more root chakra dysfunction there is, the more I find clients having issues with their feet, ankles, and legs. A great way to work with this layer of energy is to ground yourself. Take your shoes off and stand in the grass while taking deep breaths into your belly while feeling your feet sink into the dirt. You can also work on rolling out your quads and hamstrings, along with stretching your calf muscles. 

Three steps to healing the Root Chakra

Ensuring safety and security: Since the reptilian brain's first priorities are safety and security, we will focus on ensuring you are safe first. We have to get clear on how much money we need to survive. How much money do you have going out of your bank account a month? How much money do you have coming in your bank account a month? How much money do you have after subtracting your expenses from your monthly income? I often find clients who are too stressed avoid opening their bank statements, but if you want to reduce stress, it’s very important to know these numbers. Most people are stuck in energy debt, mentioned earlier in this blog, because they are unaware of them spending more money than they have. One of the reasons for this is the more stressed you are, the more compulsive you will be, not thinking before spending. When you spend more than you earn, you will find yourself stuck in survival mode, leaving you to start the energy debt cycle.

If you have more money going out than coming in, sit down with a piece of paper and think about the simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of money going out of your account. I usually find take-out food, entertainment, and subscriptions taking a good chunk of money from my client's account. Reducing $300 going out a month is a good goal to aim for when starting this exercise. The next step is to change your beliefs about money. Money is energy. Anytime it's time to pay for something, ask yourself, is this a payment or investment? Anytime you invest in something, you can expect energy back, like good mental and physical health. For example, when you start eating whole foods to improve your health and wellness, this would be an investment, but when you're paying for junk food that will make you tired and bloated, that’s a payment.

Another step we can take if we need to increase the amount of money coming into our bank account is to take advantage of the new job opportunities we have at our thumbs. We can find side jobs on websites and apps that can help us increase our income to ensure safety and security. Since we got clear on how much money we need to survive and we decreased some money going out of the account, we can get clear on how much extra money we need. I usually find making an extra $300 a month is a good goal to start with here as well.

For those who had more money coming in than going out, we need to start having healthy affirmations to confirm you are safe and secure. If you were raised in a home with parents who worked really hard and struggled with finances, you could find yourself having the same stress and paradigm as your parents, even if your making more money than they did. Your subconscious mind is wired to work hard and save money, which is a good trait, but this can also lead you to overwork and become fatigued, which will start the energy debt cycle. I find myself in this situation all the time, coming from being homeless and poverty. Breaking down my bank statement numbers helps me affirm that I am safe. You can start by breaking down your monthly income and expenses once a month to affirm you are safe.

When you do, you can take a deep breath and allow yourself to rest. You don't have to overwork as much as your parents did. Instead, start to take some time to think smarter with your money instead of working hard for it. The more you reduce stress, the more your mind won't be stuck in the reptilian brain, giving you the opportunity to use your neocortex, which is the intellectual part of the brain that helps with new thoughts and creation, giving you a chance to think smarter with earning money. When reducing your financial stress, you manage to trigger the reptilian brain and reduce one of the steps to energy debt.

The High Vibe walk

Mediation, exercise, and breathing are all known to help reduce stress in the body. With experience with working with clients who are too stressed, I often find it difficult for my clients to have time for all three. This motivated me to create the High Vibe Walk. The high vibe walk is taking 45-60 minutes to go for a walk in a neighborhood that you dream of living in or a park that is peaceful near your home, listening to positive music or podcast while breathing into your nose and out of your mouth. There are a few benefits of doing the high-vibe walk. First, we take ourselves out of the everyday environment that reminds us of responsibilities and allows us to walk in neighborhoods that we dream of living, giving us time to use visualization to motivate us to work on becoming the new version of ourselves.

Find a person who is doing what you’re doing and find their podcast, interviews, or audiobooks and learn from them while doing your high vibe walk. Listen to their journey and the tips they have. Learn what mistakes they made. Wise people learn from smart people's mistakes! You will not only feel inspired, but you will learn everyone goes through hard times, and it takes time to become the new you. Sometimes the internet, like social media, can fool you into believing success comes overnight and everyone is happy, which can discourage you from working towards your dreams and goals after failing. Try to make sure the music you choose to listen to isn't sad music. Try to listen to upbeat, positive music that uplifts and inspires you.

Stress can create overwhelming emotions, which is energy in motion, leading you to overthink and become overwhelmed. During your walking, the body will express energy in motion. You will notice the thoughts you had that were overwhelming start to calm down, giving you the time to break down and problem-solve with the important thoughts you have. This is what meditation does. Doing the high vibe is a form of active meditation for people ( like myself) that have a hard time sitting and meditating. Walking is also known to reduce cortisol and help you to feel grounded.

We focus on breathing into the nose and out the mouth on our high vibe walk to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the rest and digest part of the nervous system, the opposite of fight or flight. Turning on the rest and digest part of the nervous system helps reduce your stress and empower relaxation.


Nutrition and stress

Internal stressors will magnify your external stressors, and nutrition and hydration are two things we have control of that can help us manage stress. It’s important to control your plate and get enough water based on your weight. Since stress turns on the fight or flight, which produces a spike in blood sugar, the first step is to manage your blood sugar during the day. When we eat processed carbs and sugars, we are at risk for a sugar crash, leading our body to be back in fight or flight to support our nervous system and avoid hypoglycemia. The best way to manage your blood sugar is to trade processed carbs and sugars for low-glycemic whole foods, like berries, oranges, and green leafy vegetables.

Low-glycemic foods have more fiber and less sugar; both are important factors in stabilizing blood sugar. Next, we need to make sure you're eating enough protein with each meal. Protein tends to help stabilize blood sugars by blunting the absorption of carbohydrates/sugars, helping you manage blood sugar, and avoiding that sugar crash, which creates stress, fatigue, and irritability. Dehydration is a common cause of stress. Dehydration is known to cause anxiety, false hunger, and fatigue.

Replacing coffee, tea, and sugary beverages with high-quality water ( water that has minerals) is an easy way to start reducing the internal stress on your body. How much water is good enough? A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide it by two, and aim to drink that amount in fluid oz. For example, a person who weighs 150 lbs should aim for about 75 oz of water a day.

If you would like to learn more about how to heal the root chakra, you can listen to my podcast episode on it or watch my youtube video on it today. 

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