3 tips for figuring out your Dream in life


If you are struggling with bad habits that you have tried changing in the past but continued to fail, the explanation may be that the REASON for changing was not big or clear enough. When one does not have a clear DREAM, one can subconsciously give time and energy to others' dreams and ideas. 


A person's health challenges almost always express their values and choices. 


If you are stressed out and tired of where you are today, Understand this: Stress often binds us to our negative motivation. Potential to create something new and more meaningful in our lives; how? Stress hyper focuses people on the negative aspects of their life. By focusing on the negative aspects, you can become more aware of what is causing you the stress and construct an organized plan to change. 


"Nothing is impossible: the word itself says, "I'm Possible!" 

-Audrey Hepburn 


Tip Number One 

The first tip for figuring out your Dream is to think about what you are naturally good at? What is something you always LOVED to do? When was the last time you gave that skill/love attention or time? When was the last time you invested in that skill/love? 


Tip Number Two

What did you love to do as a kid? What was something you did effortlessly? When you come to an answer, does that skill/love bring you joy or happiness? Did responsibilities stop you from continuing this love/skill? Did you have to grow up fast due to family issues and trauma? Did this take you away from your love/skill? 


Tip Number Three

If you still feel confused about figuring out your Dream, and tips number one and two did not spark any thought, tip number three can get you going in a direction that can lead to happiness/ dream. What is your nightmare? What is something that scares you? What is something you do not want? What is something you want to avoid? 


Are you closer to that nightmare than you are to your dreams? What nightmare are you closer to? Then, make an organized plan to make choices that push you in the opposite direction. If you decide to go in the opposite direction of your nightmare, you get further from the misery and start to go in the opposite direction, which can be your goal or Dream. 


If this has your mind going and your feeling good about this but still need to hone in on your Dream, here are a few exercises you can do: 



" I create happiness for myself when I."

" I create happiness for others when I." 


I hope this helped you gain some insight into your Dream! 



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