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Nate Ortiz shares each step he took to build his Business and Brand and shares it with you in this Live Online Workshop on June 10th, 2023 at 10 am est...

Welcome to the Turning Your Dream Into Green Workshop. This Workshop teaches you how to take a dream or goal and make money from it. In this workshop, I decided to share personal stories about how I Turned My Dream Into Green, giving you examples and references of each step I took.


A Picture from 2017, When I first started as a coach, my office used to be Starbucks...

After graduating in late 2016, I had nowhere to live. I started my coaching career in 2017. I carried kettlebells and dumbbells in my bookbag and traveled around New York City offering people free personal training to gain experience and testimonials. With no money for marketing, I started making videos, sharing my weight loss journey, education and tips to help people lose weight, improve their mental health and overcome their stress and trauma. When Steve Silverman, Vice President of Global Markets Division, Southern Region at Goldman Sachs saw my videos, he thought I would be the perfect head coach and business partner for his boutique training studio in Larchmont, Westchester, New York. I had no marketing money, so I decided to pick up the camera and make content and provide community value in the hope of gaining their trust. This approach dramatically increased our sales and conversations. Within six months, I built a website, sold out every circuit training class, and was fully booked with 40 clients weekly. The gym became a big success.



I worked 50 + hours a week and knew there was something bigger for me...

I helped so many people in the community by using my holistic coaching approach, passion and story. I started to receive phone calls from every school in Westchester County asking me to come and speak and share my story and teachings. STEM (SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY + ENGINEERING + MATH) granted me the keynote speaker for science. My niche clients were women ages 35-55 years old. Anytime I helped a mother transform their body with training, nutrition and mindset with life coaching, they always asked me to work with their kids who were in their teens and early 20s. After working with me for a while, the school counselors and teachers would notice their transformation and ask what they did to change. Soon other high schools and colleges were calling me to speak to their schools.



My Gym Closed, I then started from 0 and took a chance moving across the country to LA...

After two years of working at the gym and building a strong business, COVID hit town and closed us down. I flew to Los Angeles to quarantine with my girlfriend and after four weeks, Steve called and told me he was closing the gym. I was left with no job so I did what I do best. I picked up my phone up and started making videos. I built a website, created Dream Fit LLC, and pivoted my business immediately from live to online. Again, I had no money to market my business but I knew the power of making videos and sharing them on social media.

I learned how to optimize my editing skills for TikTok videos and started my podcast BeGreatWithNate. My girlfriend is an actor and has connections with other actors. I offered to coach them for free to grow my reputation and began to collect testimonials. I posted a minimum of three TikTok videos daily and one podcast a week, along with an email to everyone on my growing email list with tips on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching. The actors I worked with achieved amazing transformations and soon more actors, hip-hop artists and professional athletes were calling me for coaching.


I Turned My Dream Into Green...

My TikTok account grew from 0 followers to 100k in 2021, to 250k in 2022, and is now at over 277k. I get 2 million views a month and an average of 2,000 people attending my TikTok lives (60% of viewers are new). My podcast won the top 5 % of podcasts in several categories on Spotify. My Instagram followers went from 2,503 in 2020 to 13k today. I gained 22,500 youtube subscribers in two years. The videos and podcasts I make help people overcome health problems, trauma, and stress.

After graduating in late 2016, I had nowhere to live and no job. I grew a brand and business that allows me to work from home that makes a comfortable six figures a year. In the past five years, I experienced every step when it comes to building a brand and small business.

My goal with this Workshop is to save you time on mistakes most entrepreneurs make when building a brand, service, or product. When I found out that 99% of businesses market their business wrong, it was mind-blowing for me.

In this Workshop, I teach you what successful small businesses and brands do, also known as the one-percenters.



Inside this Workshop…

Nate reveals exactly what mindset, what habits, and what systems led him to build a strong business and brand

Here’s a list of what you will discover:

E-Book Outline

► Getting Clear on WHAT you want with your business and brand.
► The power of sharing your knowledge and information with the world.
► The power of sharing your story with your potential clients
► How to figure out your Dream client or customer
► The importance of building a relationship with your audience and potential clients
► The power of having an LLC
► Figuring out the roadblocks that are stopping you from starting or growing your business and brand
► The power of working for "FREE." 
► There is no"perfect" time. The time is NOW
► How to build high-ticket offers
► Service and value > $$$
► The power of threshold offers 
► Putting it all together