How controlling this ONE Thing Will Increase Your Income, Decrease Stress, Improve Your Mood and Weight, and Much More

Feb 09, 2023

After working with thousands of clients in the past five years, I’ve found most clients who struggle with weight, bloating, stress or any dysfunction/ pain have one thing in common. After discovering this One thing, I’ve decided to create a coaching method called “ the 8-8-8 Rule.” The average human being needs about 8 hours of sleep a day to stay healthy and vital. They also have a job that takes 8 hours for a shift. The big question is, what are you doing on the remaining 8 hours?

The answer to that usually tells me why my client has issues. You see, the pattern that I discovered was people's root causes of their problems start with how they spend their time. What do you do on those remaining 8 hours? Whatever you do on these remaining 8 hours, you become. Most people find themselves spending those 8 hours spending more time at work, being a parent, scrolling on social media and watching tv, doing something for someone else, procrastination, finding ways to increase energy due to being tired and ill, and stressing about money and bad habits.

These are the most common patterns I see with clients. My goal from there is to help them get clear on what they want and refocus their priorities, core values, and time toward their goal. As you can see, the three biggest reasons people struggle with pain are that they don't have any goals or dreams, have no core values ( the ability to say no), and are always distracted. A life with no goals is one with no direction. If you don't have any goals or dreams, you won't have any reason to use your remaining 8 hours wisely.

No goal or dream leads to people using you to help build their dreams and goals. How? If you don't have a dream or goal, you won't stay consistent with protecting your 8 hours, and people will end up using up your 8 hours more than you do. Think about it, how many times did your employer or manager ask you to stay longer at work or ask for you to come in on your day off? If you don't have a clear goal or dream, you can end up overworking, using your remaining 8 hours towards your employer's dream.

Some of you will challenge me, saying you do extra work for extra pay. Be honest. How often have you spent more time at work or taking work home and not getting paid overtime? How many of you give your extra 8 hours daily to people, work, or entertainment? It’s time to take our time back, so we can heal and accomplish our goals and dreams.

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