Los Angeles, California

Date: June 1st, 2023 

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Nate reveals exactly what mindset, what habits, and what systems led him, and thousands of other people he’s coached, to discover and become their best selves.


Our workshops take place in Los Angeles, California 

Things to know:

  • The workshop starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm.
  • This workshop is a one-day workshop.
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Nate Ortiz. The Lifestyle Coach People Call When They Want To Turn A New Leaf and Need The Push To Make It Happen.

Nate has been helping people change their lives for the better for over 6 years. Having gone through a struggling past himself… he knows how important it is to re-engineer your mindset, let go of your past traumas, and how necessary it is to have optimal health to keep moving forward.

From being homeless often and struggling to put food on the table…

Nate has created his own “rags to riches” story. He is not only living the life of his dreams but also helping others attain their dream goals with what he learned from his failures.

Types of Transformation

Physical Transformation

Discover subtle yet powerful lifestyle changes (practiced by 1000s of people Nate coached and trained 1-on-1) to get leaner, become healthier, and stay stronger for the rest of your life.

Emotional Transformation

Understand how to control your Emotions with finding the root causes to WHY you feel the way you feel. 

Mental Transformation

Explore repeating patterns and psychological habits (you’re oblivious to) that have you in a loop of suffering and figure out how you can break free from it (and keep it that way for life).

Financial Transformation

See how Nate found success when he was 24 and how his systems and processes helped dozens of clients (earning minimum wage) find financial growth from doing what they love.

Inside this workshop…

Nate reveals exactly what mindset, what habits, and what systems led him, and thousands of other people he’s coached, to discover and become their best selves.

Here’s a list of what you will discover:

Physical Transformation

► Dream Epiphany

How to plan a list of practical goals in your life that paint a perfect picture of what your dream life looks like.

► The Gut Game

How to fix your digestive issues (you are oblivious to) and better your overall health. A healthier gut is key to correcting most of the problems affecting your well-being.

► Strong, Healthy Posture

How to stand up straight, get rid of pains and fatigue, and have the energy you need to cross those dream goals off your list.

Mental Transformation

► Flipping the "Coin."

How to get rid of limiting beliefs, past traumas, fears, and phobias for good.

► The Seven Zones

How to repair the physical damage emotional traumas have done to your body and what you can do to bring order and tranquility to your physical and mental state.

Financial Transformation

► Living The Dream

How to execute your dream plan and become successful as a business owner or as a professional who charges top dollar for his work.